It’s Different!

14 Nov

I seem to have an on-going love-hate relationship with Candy Crush. I stopped playing lately because Level 717 has been just so hard to pass. I figured I should focus on the BMW Golf Cup and not let the candy frustration distract me.

But when the tournament was over (I managed to win the Longest Drive novelty prize, a Garmin Approach S2 watch, with a 213 meter tee off), I came home elated and went back to crushing candies. That was when I discovered the difference in the challenge!

On the iPad, one has to get 4 color bombs to clear the level. Definitely very hard to achieve. However, the same level in Facebook on the laptop requires one to get 4 color bombs as well as 5 striped jellies! That’s difference number one. Difference number two, the board starts off with 3 bombs for you already. What a headstart! All you need to do then is to get one more bomb and make those striped candies, which aren’t that difficult to make. Definitely easier than before, it took me only one attempt to pass the level. Phew.

As for my new Garmin watch, I will definitely be using it for my next golf outing.

My new toy!

My new toy!



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