Obsessed Beyond Belief!

27 May

Last week, workload in the office was quite stressful. Add in the constant evening downpour that causes the going home drive (read massive traffic jam) to be even more unpleasant, I needed an outlet to destress.

So I downloaded Farm Heroes on my phone! Something I normally don’t do – having a game that I play on three devices. It came to a point where playing on the laptop (and occasionally on the desktop in the office) and the iPad were not enough, I needed quick turnaround for lives without having to wait for people to send me, thus this decision. The latest level, 280, has taken over me, making me obsessed beyond belief! The spiders are simply horrid.

Subliminally, this is also my reaction to Candy Crush. I have reached Level 578 but this has been the mother of all frustrations! An unbelievable and ridiculous challenge, comfort from my other games does not seem to help…

Am I turning into an obsessed monster?

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