A New Addiction

16 Aug

Candy Crush has me addicted to it early this year when I downloaded the app out of curiosity. I don’t normally follow trending apps and fill up my iPad with top games that half the world is playing but I guess this one caught me. It could be worst in my addiction but thankfully I am not like some of my fellow Candy Crushers who would message me on the phone or Facebook to send them lives.

Since then, I have completed the Saga twice and ‘retired’ twice (read: stopped playing temporarily) from the game. The ‘retirement’ was simply due to the fact I could not progress beyond because the app on the iPad stopped at Level 350, hence the first retirement, then an update to Level 365 and the second retirement before the latest update to Level 395. Unlike the same game on Facebook where it goes on and on, the iPad app ends here for now.

Currently, I am stuck at Level 394 and contemplating yet another retirement but sensing a déjà vu, I am at a cross road here. Should I go on or not once I reach 395? M2 tried to play the game to understand my addiction but gave up; M1 just doesn’t even look at it.

In the middle of all this soul searching, I stumbled upon a new game and the girls call it my new addiction, Zookeeper Battle. I just completed my 500th battle yesterday. It’s pretty fun, mindless and quite destressing in its own way. So my full time candy crushing status may change… we shall see.


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