Why I Started This…

12 Jun

Lately, I have neglected my candy crushing ways and have been reading a lot of online news and blogs, friends’ and strangers’ alike. I realized most blogs belonging to my friends are either of food and their artistic skills at photography or showcases of their culinary skills and more photography. I salute them on their diligence at this; I could never do it, cook or have the patience to create art (or photography) out of something I would pop in my mouth and chew. But this got me thinking. So much has happened in my life, surely I could jump onto the bandwagon and attempt to record moments in my life to share with others. If I can’t write about food, there must be something; after all, I am a well travelled person, decent golfer, maniac candy crusher and regular connoisseur of alcoholic beverages (mood ranging from beer, cocktails to whiskey and wine). Then it hit me. My kids. It has been an amazing journey for the last 16 years with my two girls. The events that unfolded last week prompted me to seriously start some form of documentation, and gone were the days where I would take out my precious diary to jot my day. In days to come thereafter, it will be so nice to look back, read about it and reflect on that moment, laugh or get teary-eyed about it. I am one of those who likes to write although I always profess “my England not very terrer”. While I do enjoy reading, the days of technology—what with my iPad mini—has taken over my life and free time from holding a good ol’ paperback in my hands. So here I am, attempting to write (in no particular sequence) about my two girls, Megan and Mabel, code name: M1 and M2, 16 and 12 years old respectively and my life among other things. Here goes…

My Candy Crushing Days Are Over?

This game, Candy Crush, has gotten to me and for the last several months, I have been at it, racing through the saga at demon speed! The pinnacle was reached at Level 335 while we were in Penang for the school holidays! I felt a sense of achievement as I was the leader of the pack, ahead of everyone else at this game. But the sense of achievement was shortlived as that night, the app had an update, right after I completed the saga! Noooo….. another 15 levels to get to the end, so diligently I continued in my pursuit. But alas, after we came back from the break and diving back to life, I suddenly find my candy mojo gone! Vanished, powerless even with so many lives in the message box. I have been stuck at Level 347 and for the first time, feel like giving up the game and especially more so with yet another update to Level 365. Sigh… so unlike me.

Conversation Courtesy

Last Friday, as I was sitting on the sofa, crushing candies of course, M2, sat next to me doing her stuff. Casually I told her that daddy is coming home soon as he just texted me, and suggested to her to go wait outside to welcome him home from his golf game. Say “Hi” like they always do when I return home late by myself. But she said, “Why? Daddy doesn’t deserve my ‘Hi’”. My… my. What brought that statement about? I prodded and eventually found out. The man doesn’t say goodbye in his telephone conversations, ending the talk in a proper closure. In this context, if daddy can’t say Goodbye, she won’t say Hi; he cannot give a Bye, so he doesn’t deserve a Hi. I reflect back to my conversations with both of them and I realized I do say Hi and Bye each time. We may not think much of this but to a child, wow….. talk about conversation courtesy. We are always emphasizing the Please and Thank You but Goodbye/Bye is left out. Something to think about…

Twelve Going on 18

M2 is approaching her 12th birthday… all grown up 12 going 18!!! But 12 going 18 or not, the kid in her is ever so evident! She made a birthday wish list recently and this ain’t no simple birthday wish list! It comes complete with drawings, doodles and some fancy typography! Done up like how mummy would do for the grocery list or on a note to the maid. (clue: I’d draw a chicken or chicken drumstick next to the word chicken). Between M1 and M2, the artistic skills are more prominent in M2. M1 is more logical in her thinking, more studious and disciplined, sometimes I wonder where she inherited her traits! Certainly not from me or even the hubby. M2’s artistic skills amazes even me, a graphic designer/design director and creative mind, holder of a Bachelor’s degree in this profession! What is even more amazing is the depth of a 12 year old’s mind. Was I ever like this when I was 12? So determined, so creative, so sure of what is wanted? Dare I even list down a whole list of 15 items to show my parents what I want for my 12th birthday, a birthday age that is even not a significant one? I must admit I threw M2 a memorable 10th birthday party as I convinced her 10 was a special age and number, thus deserving of a special birthday party. So she had a Lego-themed party, complete with a backdrop, Lego themed cake and Lego party packs. Needless to say M1 also had a special cake for her 10th birthday and a smaller party, if memory serves me well.

M1's birthday list with 15 items.

M2’s birthday list with 15 items.

Happiness exudes from M2 in front of the backdrop.

Happiness exudes from M2 in front of the backdrop.

The Lego-themed cake.

The Lego-themed cake.

There Are No Two Same Peas In A Pod

I have two adorable and funny girls, each with their own characteristics. So different in character yet so similar. M1 is ever the practical one, sensible in her own way and even more so than her mummy sometimes! M2 adores her and it annoys me when I tell M2 something and she has to verify with M1!!! Can you imagine the annoyance of being bumped down the hierarchy? I have to remind myself not to get too riled up with the annoyance and simply just enjoy their antics. Each their own characteristic literally in shape, mind and thoughts. M1 is more round, practical and disciplined while M2 leans toward skinny, day dreamer and needs to be pushed constantly. It’s a challenge to balance the degree of treatment given to such different peas in my pod!

Mummy Must Binky Boo

Every night, I will chat with them in their room, recap the events of the day to end the day and prep for the next, a nightly ritual will follow suit. The binky boo act is all about spreading their blankets over them to tuck them in. I used to sing and dance when they were younger but nowadays, it’s a rarity. Sometimes they think it is corny yet at times, the little tap dance and jiggle breaks out. However, it is the binky boo ritual that I enjoy most and they always say daddy can’t get it right nor do it right. Must be a special mummy skill…

Are Your Ears For Decoration?

A few years back, when the kids got me so mad, I would lecture them to “Listen to your mother”. Then I’d go on a warpath and asked them, “Do you have ears? Are they for decoration? Use them!” They would meekly look at the floor, blink their eyes and nod. Nowadays, the outburst hardly happens as they would bombard me with chatter of their school activities simultaneously; even the dog joins in sometimes with his constant bark! So much so, MY ears have now become decoration themselves as I can’t seem to make head or tail what they are saying! So now, to tackle this, a hand is raised to mimic the stop signal and the typical “Can two people not speak at the same time? Take a number then only you can speak!” It’s funny how rules have changed.

So anyway, I am still contemplating whether I should start a site, blog or whatever to jot my thoughts and insights to my otherwise mundane life… While jottings may not be on a constant basis and subject to what the girls throw at me and what I make of it… I need a name, a cool name, one where people will remember easily!

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